Day 37: Hanging out

by renee

Last night the kids feel asleep on the way home after visiting with my sister, her husband and their sweet little girl. My brother-in-law is a food genius so we were treated as usual to a delectable feast. Yummy food, delicious drink and lots of laughter. It was a great night. This morning the kids slept in until 9am! We had a wonderful laxy day today. Did a bit of school, a little work but mostly just hung out, got a coffee treat at the campground coffee shop and even got a nap in! It’s a rough life! We’re going campground scouting tomorrow to see if we want to move somewhere else or just stay put. We have till Wednesday to decide.

2 Responses to “Day 37: Hanging out”

  • dad Says:

    dear nae,

    ah, home sweet home…sounds like the initial whirlwind has subsided into a new equilibrium…yea! love and blessings…dad

  • Shannon Says:

    Hi guys! We have been following your travels with interest and remembering you in our prayers. I wanted to extend an invitation to visit us on your way west (or back again!). We would love to see you if you are anywhere near Calgary. We live on a small cul-de-sac and have a driveway long enough to park your trailer and a green space with biking path and playground behind our house…we have space for you all to stay inside our house as well if you’d like! There are campgrounds too. We’d love to show you our favorite camp sites in the mountains. We just got back from a weekend tenting at a provincial park near Lethbridge with some friends. Still a little chilly for tenting but we had a great time. Love you, Shannon (for the Baquies!)

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