Day 231: Growing and hopefully growing some more

by renee

Some days it’s hard to believe we’ve been living so long in our trailer, as the days have passed so quickly. Other days, it seems like we’ve been living in it too long! We’ve been in Colorado since beginning of October and plan to stay through December. This is our longest stop so far. I think I might be getting a bit antsy, like I’m ready to pack up and get moving again. We’ve been having a great time here with family and met many wonderful new friends. We have had new business opportunities and have keeping busy with the work that has been coming in. We also have some good friends who happen to be family, coming to visit over the holidays as well. The kids are very excited about seeing them again. So am I.

We are so thankful at Father’s provision. He continues to give us what we need every day and every moment. And when I want to run away from hardships, His grace abounds and then I have the patience and understanding I need for the day. I hope I am growing while I’m here. I hope living with 2 other families and learning each other’s personalities is building my character. I hope I am being humble and sympathetic to those around me. I hope I am putting others before myself. I want to grow. It’s not easy, but I still want it. This is great training ground.

There are many blessings being here. One of the things I like most about being here is seeing the mountain range to the west. The majestic, snow covered peaks never get old and still take my breath away. I love that we get enough snow in one snow fall to go sledding and almost get snowed in. Then it warms up, the snow melts and we have more warm days and we can look forward to another new snow fall all over again. I am also enjoying the free babysitting and the many helping hands. The new family Shabbat traditions where together we welcome in the sabbath and set it apart is the weekly highlight. Thanksgiving last week was fun. We shared the meal together with many friends and family and are still eating the leftovers!

There are blessings and challenges wherever we roam. I hope I am embracing and being thankful for both.

3 Responses to “Day 231: Growing and hopefully growing some more”

  • Randy & Pam Warner Says:

    Great post. Growing and becoming more of the person He wants us to be. Great goal. Bless you on your efforts in the coming weeks. Sounds like a great time with friends and family and times the kids can enjoy and will remember!

  • Esther Says:

    Very awesome blog. We continually want to grow more and more like our Father but it sure takes alot of different experiences and then when u think you are half ok Father stretches some more but always for the better. His Grace is always there to cover us. What a blessing. Love you all and miss u alot. We don’t have a covering of snow yet just few flakes here and there.

  • Leon Bergen Says:

    Were praying for you guy’s all the time for father to give you the strength to do what you do. We are all really excited to come down and see you and your family there.

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