Day 663: Better than the Zoo

by renee

We’ve been in California for 3 weeks now and have been staying just north of San Diego. Many beautiful rocky and sandy beaches, tall palm trees and clear blue skies. It’s a bit bizarre being somewhere so warm while hearing about our friends and family getting hit by winter storms. We’re praying they all stay warm and safe.

The campground here is completed paved which makes it an ideal place for riding bikes and scooters. Up until a few days ago, Joy was the only one without wheels. She now has Jaiden’s scooter. Jaiden inherited Zach’s. Zach now has a shiny new silver and red one that is, of course, the new favorite of everyone. Zach is gracious at times and shares it with his siblings, but makes sure he gets the first turn on it when he gets up in the morning.

Today was a great day. We spent the afternoon with some wonderful old friends who are visiting California. We explored our favorite neighborhood near our campground. We played in ocean tide pools and watched sea lions. At the end of the day we spotted the new moon at sunset. It was a beautiful way to enter into Sabbath.

Tide pool are small pools of ocean water left in the rocks and crevices when the tide is low. In these pools are hundreds of living things, hanging out, waiting to be swept out to sea again. Hermit crabs, anemones, star fish, barnacles and so many more bizarre and interesting creatures. Today was our second time at the pools. On our first visit, Bennah had said: “this is better than the zoo!”.  Tonight, Andrew overheard Bennah:

“This was the best day ever. Right Reayah?”
“Yeah'” Reayah replied.

I’m so glad our kids are fulfilled by adventures like these that don’t really cost anything. Exploring the Creator’s creation is one of our favorite things to do together as a family and it’s the most rewarding. And it’s almost always free. There are many things here in San Diego that offer too much excitement for one day for way too much money for a family of eight. It is very rewarding for me as a parent to see our children not just content, but fulfilled. Not just entertained, but quenched.



4 Responses to “Day 663: Better than the Zoo”

  • Shawn Wiggins Says:

    Tide pools and hiking – your kids are getting a life that few could ever understand. They will learn so much and see so much more than most. Funny everywhere you stop part of me is excited to read the adventure – and yet part of me is jealous.

    Keep going, and may when and if you come back up this way, I be ready to show the kids adventure. When you were in Minitonas the weather was not our friends. There was so much I could have shown you guys.

    Thank-you for including us all Shabbot Shalom!!

  • Jennie Hill Says:

    Big smiles here. You are all such a blessing and inspiration. Yahweh is beautiful and so is your family. Peace and safety to all of you! XoOXo!

  • sabba Says:

    dear nae,

    wonderful post…thanks for choosing and guiding your children into abba’s natural world and finding joy in HIS place of creation…well said “fulfilled and quenched!”. ask zach if I can have a ride on his new shining silver-red!

  • Esther Haverluck Says:

    Wow, so wonderful to read. You guys were always happy too as kids with Yahweh’s creation and also love your discriptive words as sabba said. It is the most fulfilling joy to watch our children be so filled with wonder and delight at all our Father has given us to enjoy. I had that same wonder of awe when exploring the tide pools during my stay in Calfornia almost 2 years ago. Thanks for your post.

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