Day 730: The End is the Beginning

by andrew

I wish I could convey the immense import behind the (humanly) unplanned, colossal culmination of crossing the border back into Canada on April 11th upon completing our family mission to visit all 4 corners of the United States exactly 2 years to the day after we originally departed Virginia on April 11th 2009.


YHWH our Father in the heavens has without fail secured our path on every mile of this amazing Journey. For the last several weeks – despite continual rains on the west coast and some more dicey weather in parts – we have had sunny weather every single departure day. We’ve hit some weather on the road, but always way milder than forecasted. And the Provisions along the way have been even more specific and personal than just the weather on every given day.

Today we drove northward up through beautiful BC. Jasper tomorrow perhaps. Eastward to Manitoba. A new season begins, and with it many uncertainties and questions that we know will find doors opening in their time.


2 years. I am feeling inordinately sentimental at the moment. Or maybe it’s just too warm here in the 24-hr Denny’s with wifi that I walked to from the Wal-Mart next door here in Quesnel (“Que-nel” for all you tourists) BC.

Joy was a baby when we left. This is the only life she knows and has no context for what life in a “house” is like. Now she thinks she’s 4. And it’s hard to prove she’s not. Jaiden barely had a vocabulary, but his laugh is the same. Zach still jumps off of everything despite our futile efforts to extend the life of our trailer interior, but he has started school and grown up in so many other ways during this time. Reayah and Bennah have blossomed in numerous areas. They’ve mastered bike-riding, scrambled up scree cliffs, built forts throughout the continent… I better not start lest I spend the rest of the night listing.  It’s hard to imagine them 2 years ago.

I almost can’t remember what normal used to be. This is normal now, and it will keep changing, just the way I like it. I feel like we are discovering a life story that was written for us from the beginning of time. Rather than muting our free-will it intensifies it. All of our decisions – especially the second-guessed or uncertain or even less than ideal ones – are met with plot twists that keep the story interesting. It is a wonderful epic treasure hunt where the hidden prizes and rewards are things that haven’t even occurred to our searching imaginations: new relationships, breathtaking geographies, self-discovery, family bonding to a degree that’s hard even for us to realize and appreciate consciously much less express to others, memories whose imagery fades but which pull our spiritual roots deeper and deeper, anticipation, letting go, learning… to keep moving.

Life is moving. Whether across the continent physically or in your own personal development, perspective, and spiritual universe. Growth. Why do we crave new things? How can we be quenched?

Life is a quest for the elusive infinite.

Journey is a verb too after all.

5 Responses to “Day 730: The End is the Beginning”

  • Jennie Hill Says:

    So happy for you! Confirming!

  • uncle d Says:

    we love you guys! way to go!

  • dad Says:

    passover to passover, the journey continues all in the process of return…to HIM…and growing in HIS likeness…

    so this is the question I asked Jonathan and mommy while sitting in the Denver Airport on our way to Portland for Granny’s memorial/celebration…

    where is home? and if our labor is to enter into HIS rest…is it possible to arrive before we get there??

  • Uncle K Says:

    Awesome stuff, brother. I can barely remember your kids two years ago either, but I DO remember very vividly the Last Great Push of Passover weekend 2009, helping you guys heave it up the hill and push it all into motion. How wonderful. Two years has flown by and yet look at all that our glorious Father has accomplished during that time. We are so proud to be your fans cheering from the sidelines (and sometimes from right beside you on the playing field), to have watched you blossom into the family you’ve become, the people you are, and to have witnessed the adventures you’ve been blessed to experience. More to come! Huzzah!

  • Shawn Says:

    Like I have seen with many Family through my limited time – and yet extensive experience – Home as you call it while here in our vaporous state is something we feel in moment in the knowledge that one day we will be there. All the while we are there the whole time, only idea perks, or breaths of a wind away.

    I don’t know any other way than to express it as that. While here on earth, my Brother/Uncle Ron our labor I feel is his rest, or shall I say what we do in everything we should be resting in our Father!

    Do I know how this works, no – but i know what it looks like, and I have seen it before, in myself and others!! I Love You All!!

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