Day 1250: Adrift

by andrew

Thank you! – all of you who have been praying for us and carrying us in your hearts and wondering how we are doing. Here’s how I am doing (delayed by about a day from when this all actually unfolded):

During the last couple days as we approached the 1 week mark (longer than anticipated or intended) of staying with our wonderful and gracious friends in Kentucky while trying to navigate a labyrinth of contacts and delays on the truck repairs, I have been growing increasingly restless. I have felt the expanding sensation of floating in a life raft in the middle of the ocean: safe for the moment but powerless to affect my situation with no land in sight. Despite a firm faith in YHWH having distinct purposes for this sequence of events as they began to unfold a week ago, my grip on that trust grew weary especially last night and this morning.

Regardless, His peace has been ever present – even as my own frustrations mounted. Finally this morning in a bit of calm, desperate reflection, a light bulb went on in my spirit, and the switch had been flipped at least partly by the title of this article: what if one of the main reasons Father allowed this breakdown and subsequent extended strandedness was to throw the breaks on my busy-ness so that I would slow down enough (complete stop) to catch up to Him… In my opinion it would have been much cleaner if He had waited until we got to PA to throw the breaks, but He didn’t ask me my opinion and I probably would have easily missed His cues once we got to PA with the busy-ness that would have ensued there anyway.

The truck should be finally getting some attention in the shop today. I am not sure how long or what all it will need for parts, etc. They asked me this morning if I was aware of a fuel leak in the rear. That’s new and I have no idea what that’s about.

But more importantly, once I had some idea of what it would take to regain my bearings this morning, I started to finally let some things go, to slow down, to push less important things aside, and to return focus and attention and time to my King. In that process this article was an amazing reminder and challenge. It articulates areas in which I need so much growth, but it also inspires me to chase that overcoming with renewed perspective and energy.

Sometimes… Often even… The truest answers are the ones to the questions that haven’t been asked and seem completely unrelated to what we think a problem is or where we will find a solution.

9 Responses to “Day 1250: Adrift”

  • Esther Haverluck Says:

    Oh, Andrew, such an awesome post. Father’s ways are never our ways and you are right you would have been too busy to reflect. He wants us close to His heart so we can hear him in everything that happens.
    I just came back from a great week in Winnipegosis to come to no water at the house and have no idea how long it will take the city to bring a water truck to the street. Also there is a fam with 13 kids that moved to town a few miles out and also another one in town with 7 kids.?????
    The one with 13 have cows they milk so potential whole milk.
    Praying for whatever Father wants to work out for His glory and purposes.
    Love you,

  • Esther Haverluck Says:

    Oh sorry the note about the families is in winnipegosis.

  • Steven Howatt Says:

    Thanks for this message, Andrew. I love your heart, and you!

  • Anita Groves Says:

    Very well written, and yes we all (including myself)need to slow down and pay more attention to Yahweh and what he has for us….boy!!! I’m preaching to myself…owing a business and trying to stay afloat in this wonderful world and economy!!
    Luv you all, and someday we will see you again soon!
    Father is watching over us all!!!


    Hello to you all!! My heart goes out to you with the all of the vehicle problems. Ugh!! I am encouraged by your words, however, as God does indeed lay out our life’s path in ways that we often do not understand. You working thru all of this, with Him leading the way, encourages me to look at things in our life the same. I can’t thank you enough for your beautiful presence and words for Megan and Kenn’s wedding. God created such a magnificent arena and you lead the way, showing His beauty, by honoring Kenn and Megan like you did. Again, from my heart, thanks you!! We continue to be lifting you all up in prayer for a safe journey, because it really is all about the journey, right!! love to you all God Bless and Keep You.

  • andrew Says:

    Thanks, mom! We miss you and everyone up there!

  • andrew Says:

    I really appreciate it uncle Steve! It’s a message we’re learning as we go! Love you too and blessings to all out in the NW.

  • andrew Says:

    Dear Anita – it is quite a challenge isn’t it? Ironically, the more we slow down and let Father control the better things go even though it seems opposite to our logic. So hard to remember that. I totally relate to the business adventures. We miss you guys and look forward to catching up and visiting again as Father permits. Blessings!

  • andrew Says:

    Thank you so much CinDee! It was truly an honor to feel like part of the whole family there, and we truly still feel strongly connected to you all. We’ll continue to pray for you and Mark and all of your life challenges. It is totally about the journey and how we use our struggles to bring glory to our King! We miss you all – big hugs to everyone!

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