In the spring of 2009 we left it all behind… house, job, possessions, conveniences, everything we had ever known as a family. Why? It had been our dream since before we were married, and Yahweh said it was time to leave. It’s really that simple.

When we started this blog, this page opened with:

What will we find on the road? At the places we go? In the people we meet? I have no idea.

What will we do for income? How will we decide where to go next? What challenges will we have to overcome? I have no idea (yet).

But this is our real-time testimony of how the whole thing unfolds and what amazing things our Creator has in mind for us to witness and experience. We’re taking our 5 travel-loving children ages 4 months, 2, almost 4, 5, and 7 on the road full-time. We have a used, 2004 travel trailer, a used 1998 diesel Suburban, and whatever we can fit in them (hopefully without going over any weight limits).

This is the story of this part of our lives.

And so, this site has captured many testimonies of those years of travel from 2009 through 2013, the birth of 2 children on the road and another since then. It records the answers to the questions we had when we set out – where we went, who we met, what we did for income, and many of the adventures we had.

The process of compiling select videos from our adventures is an on-going project and progress can be tracked on Our YouTube Channel or through The Movie link in the menu above. I’m still working on these videos years later (slowly but surely).

We’re also still occasionally updating this block… sometimes with back-dated gems that we come across or with major milestones or travel adventures upon which we embark from our current base in Manitoba, Canada.

But the main point of it all is to record some family history and testimonies of YHWH’s goodness and faithfulness. And that is an ongoing story!