Aug 9 2018

true wealth

by elie

“If I ever get rich I’m going to sell my money.”

(age 5)

Jun 3 2018

how the times change

by zach

[while watching a clip of the original 1965 version of Lost in Space]

“if i showed this to my kids, they would puke”

(age 13)

Dec 10 2015


by elie

“Can I have a chocolate covered chocolate?”

(age 2)

Oct 30 2014

having fun

by jaiden

“That was the worst fun I ever had.”

(age 7)

Feb 3 2014

childhood crushes

by andrew

“I think that boy likes me too, cause he was acting kinda handsome.”

(age 5)

Apr 1 2013

original sin

by zach

[in all seriousness]:

“dad, if Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned, would squash taste better?”

(age 7)

Dec 24 2012

going somewhere

by andrew

Dad: I’m not going to take you seriously…


Where are you going?

(age 4)

Sep 18 2012

sibling conflict

by andrew

[in response to the investigation into shouting at the other end of the trailer, Joy explained in a huffy, pouting voice]:

“Zach didn’t ask for anything, and I’m going to say no!”

(age 3)