Jun 7 2012

The Adventure (a Story by Zach) – UPDATED!

by zach

[I am not making this up. Zach wrote this completely from his own brain for school. I am merely the scribe. Enjoy. –Andrew]

Part 1 – 6/7/2012:

Once upon a time there was a family and their last name was the Lundquists. They were a family of spies. There was four people altogether. There was a dad, a mom, a boy who was six, and a girl who was nine.

The dad taught the older class how to be spies. The mom taught the younger class. They gave the kids grappling hooks and taught them how to climb walls.

One day: the dad quit his job and started a new job. His new job was to guard the button that turns the whole world upside down. The button is on the wall of the tallest bank in the world.

The people who wanted to push the button were ninjas! There were 3 of them. And they lived in the African Savannah.

The spy family lived in Colorado.

Part 2 – added 7/4/2012:

The ninjas came to Colorado to invade. The spy family tried to stop them, but it was too late.

The ninjas pushed the button and the reason why they wanted to push the button was because it snapped the vault open and the money fell out.

Three weeks later the spies tricked the ninjas for a bribe and because the ninjas believed the trick they gave the money back to the spies.

Then at night the spies dragged the ninjas into the trees while they were sleeping and kept the house.

[to be continued… (I hope)]

Feb 1 2011

ReayahMail #1

by andrew

We set up email accounts for our oldest son (9) and daughter (7). Our daughter Reayah turns out to be quite the writer (which we already knew from her exploits with pencil and paper). What is particularly fun is to see how the electronic medium captures the way she thinks. It really is quite thrilling and entertaining. So, after receiving the first email she sent to me I find myself compelled to set up a category for her musings and hope to keep up with posting at least some of her deep thoughts.

We can all learn a lot from the ponderings of a child (or at the very least enjoy a good laugh at their simple, amusing, innocent wackiness). I have not modified spelling or wording in any way whatsoever.

ReayahMail #1
(1/30/2011, age 7)

Dad  can you believe I got my own Email?  It is funny that we were in the same house but are sending each other an email.

I wonder what you will send me for your email.  Well you know what you will send. I to can not wait for emails. [ Funnys ] SO my old man you have much in comen.

DO you know that the first thing on earth is underwear?  Ha Ha!


Apr 23 2010


by jaiden

“hey, dad, can you help me do it by myself?”

Apr 23 2010


by zach

the boy: “I lost some of my eyesight.”

the dad: “Oh? What happened?”

the boy: “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

Apr 21 2010

fraternal affection

by zach

“i love my brother SO much…

…i don’t want him to die”

Mar 19 2009


by zach

[loving, thoughtful mother (a month ahead of time)]:

“What would you like for your birth day dinner?”

[the honest sage]:

“robots inside my cake!”

Feb 14 2009

green thumb

by zach

“i planted the gun in the dirt”

[intrigued father]:

“oh? is it going to grow into a gun tree?”

[the Z who has it all figured out]:

“when we water it – it will.”

Feb 10 2009

one track mind

by zach

[reaching for pretend popcorn]:

“i’m watching a show. it’s a long one. first there’s Curious George, and then there’s George Washington…”

[wise and understanding father]:

“Oh, George Washington? What’s that about?”

[matter of factly]: