Staying Healthy

Depending on what health problems you have, there are foods to avoid and foods to consume more of. Generally, to maintain your health, energy and overall well-being, we recommend to begin with, at least these basic healthy eating habits:

1. Eat a lot and more variety of raw fruits and vegetables (Raw vegetables, especially the dark green leafy kind, have so many more nutrients than any other food).

2. Avoid pasteurized dairy products. The pasteurization of milk kills all the nutrients and enzymes that are beneficial and changes the structure of the milk proteins to make it harmful!. The vitamins that are added back in are chemically made and your body might not even be able to digest them. The homogenization breaks down the fat in milk into very small sharp particles that your body can’t even digest and goes right into your blood stream! We consume raw cow (grass fed) and goat milk and cheese in small quantities. The raw milk has all the enzymes needed for your body to process and digest the milk properly. It has antibiotic properties that protect from harmful bacteria. It also contains large molecules of fat that your body can break down and use as needed. The casein in dairy products has been linked to cancer but in raw milk products, studies show that your body is able to eliminate the casein properly with the use of the enzymes. Besides raw milk, there are many other milk options now, almond, rice and coconut milk are all healthy substitutes. Coconut milk is our favorite non-diary alternative since, there us still more research to be done about possible harmful effects of drinking almond and rice milk, depending on how it was processed. Some factories use chemicals or heat it to kill all the nutrients. Coconut milk seems to be the least processed.

3. Stay away from processed foods. Processed means less nutrients  and more chemicals and poisons which are very harmful to your body.

4. Eat meat that is only free-range, and grass fed, vegetarian, non-soy, non-gmo, etc. That seems almost impossible so you might not eat very much of it. We do consume some store-bought free-range meat once and a while for a special treat or will eat a burger and fries once in a very long while, but ultimately, meat in general is very low on the nutrients scale, compared to vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts.

5. Stay away from refined sugars and grains. Use only whole sugar (Sucanat) or healthy sweeteners (honey, maple syrup, stevis, agave, coconut sugar etc.) and whole grains when cooking and baking. Organic whole grains are best since there are no pesticides or other chemicals.

There are many more ideas to follow to stay healthy. There are so many good resources out there. Do the research yourself and what you find might surprise you. Basically, so much of what we consume is actually damaging to our bodies. Pesticides, chemicals, genetically modified ingredients are rampant and generally disguised in our food. It’s best to eat food that are closest to it’s original, natural state.

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