Feb 26 2009

6 weeks and counting…

by renee

In about a month or so, we will be leaving our 5 bedroom house in Virginia behind for good. We will be driving away in a blue diesel Suburban and pulling our 32 foot travel trailer.

Since before we were married, my husband and I talked about living on the road in a trailer or a sailboat. Well, it looks like that dream is finally going to happen. We sure didn’t imagine doing this with 5 kids though. We’ve done some test runs (a short vacation and sleep-overs in the trailer in our driveway!). There will definitely be some adjustments. Okay, a lot of adjustments. But the kids are excited and have actually been very cooperative and helpful about selling and giving away many of their clothes and toys that won’t fit in the trailer. I seem to be the one that wants to hold onto things. Especially their homeschooling books and games. I have 5 file bins full of books, activities and crafts that we might need.

I have all my crafts and paints and paintbrushes that I just can’t seem to part with. It’s interesting to see what’s most important to me. My jeans, my art supplies. And of course, my Mac. I had a hard time parting with my shower curtains, but, I got over it. My dishes (breakable) and coffee maker (too big) can always be replaced if we decide to settle down in a house again. For my oldest son Bennah, it is his sketch pads, Legos and nature encyclopedia. My oldest daughter Reayah has her Treasure box. It’s a collection of jewelery, hair paraphernalia, movie stubs saved from family dates, unique stones found on walks, and other beautiful and shiny treasures she has found or bought. She loves her books and tea set too. Zach will be happy with just his toy cars and Duplo blocks. Jaiden will be happy as long as he has what everyone else has. Joy, who is only 4 months, will be content to have a toy that she can chew on and that makes a crinkly noise. And maybe I’ll keep a few board books like “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and “Good-Night Moon”.

We are all looking forward to this adventure. It will hopefully be a simpler life full of opportunities to minister to whoever Father puts in our path along the way. We just want to walk in YHWH’s purposes wherever he leads.

I hope to stay in touch with many of you. Don’t forget us!

Feb 14 2009

green thumb

by zach

“i planted the gun in the dirt”

[intrigued father]:

“oh? is it going to grow into a gun tree?”

[the Z who has it all figured out]:

“when we water it – it will.”

Feb 13 2009


by renee

8 weeks and counting…

Only a short time left before we hit the road! We are selling stuff, donating stuff, throwing away stuff. Makes me realize how much stuff I really have. Makes me wonder why I have so much stuff anyway. I’m looking forward to living in a smaller space. There will be a lot less to clean. Less space to accumulate stuff. I’m trying to organize and simplify, but for some reason, this means buying more. I need new bins and new containers and drawers and folders to keep everything in it’s place. I am buying more stuff as I’m trying to get rid of stuff. It’s getting very complicated to live simply. It would be easier to throw everything out and start over completely. Hmmmmm…. that’s an idea.

Feb 10 2009

one track mind

by zach

[reaching for pretend popcorn]:

“i’m watching a show. it’s a long one. first there’s Curious George, and then there’s George Washington…”

[wise and understanding father]:

“Oh, George Washington? What’s that about?”

[matter of factly]: