Dec 30 2010

Day 627: Epic

by andrew

There are many many stories by way of which I ought to bring this record up to date. And I hope to, but this day stands alone. And I will not (yet) even attempt to add paltry detail in words, for they would distract you from what the pictures have to say:

Dec 21 2010


by zach

[after 3 bowls of soup]:

“I’m too full to drink… Can I have more crackers?”

(age 5)

Dec 1 2010

Day 598: CO, part deux.

by renee

We arrived in Colorado about a month ago. We were here about the same time last year, braving many cold nights, frozen water tanks and kids with cabin fever. This year, the weather has been delightfully warm and so sunny. The kids have been able to play outside every day and so far have not been cooped up in our cozy 350 square foot home. We are enjoying our stay here a lot. However, we have noticed a change in our kids, mainly our oldest ones. When we left Canada this time, they had a very hard time saying good-bye. We spent a wonderful time with family and friends and had grown close to a very special family and it was very hard to leave them and embrace the road again. Seeing new places and traveling seems to be getting old for the kids and me as well. It’s been almost two years and it seems like time for a change again. Hopefully we will always travel, since we would like to be able to visit all the dear friends we have grown close to all over North America. But, we are now ready to settle somewhere. Have our own garden again. Have a place for the kids to run around and jump and play and just be loud. Dance around and sing at the top of their lungs. They do that to some extent in the trailer but they can’t run or jump, or it would fall apart.

Our trailer is falling apart. Travel trailers were build with vacationing families or retired couples in mind who use it only a couple times a year. They are not really built for full time travelers with 6 small children. The blinds are bent, couch is broken, one of the dinette benches comes away from the wall when the slide-out come in, and the trim is falling off. But it still works well and keeps us very warm when it’s cold, and cool when it hot.

Today it’s 76 degrees! Andrew is in his parent’s house on a business call and I’m planning to take the kids for a walk to the library or just into town.