Apr 21 2010

fraternal affection

by zach

“i love my brother SO much…

…i don’t want him to die”

Mar 19 2009


by zach

[loving, thoughtful mother (a month ahead of time)]:

“What would you like for your birth day dinner?”

[the honest sage]:

“robots inside my cake!”

Feb 14 2009

green thumb

by zach

“i planted the gun in the dirt”

[intrigued father]:

“oh? is it going to grow into a gun tree?”

[the Z who has it all figured out]:

“when we water it – it will.”

Feb 10 2009

one track mind

by zach

[reaching for pretend popcorn]:

“i’m watching a show. it’s a long one. first there’s Curious George, and then there’s George Washington…”

[wise and understanding father]:

“Oh, George Washington? What’s that about?”

[matter of factly]:


Oct 3 2008


by zach


[translation finally achieved through the tireless efforts of several frustrated linguists]:

“watch how far i can yell!”

May 17 2008


by zach

“here, dad, i made this robot for YOU……… but it’s for ME……..”

May 17 2008

epiphany #3

by zach

[mother dresses him in a shirt with big shiny buttons]

“i’m a robot!”

Apr 12 2008

epiphany #2

by zach

“i shoot fire out of my mouth!!!”