Day 32: Walmart

by renee

Although I have to say that I haven’t always been completely comfortable in supporting a huge corporation that takes advantage of third world countries and seems unsympathetic sometimes to it’s employees, I am sure thankful that they allow overnight RV parking in their parking lots. I know it is selfish on their part: we’ll probably buy from them if we’re parked right there for night. It’s been nice not to have to pay for a camp site or reserve a spot for the night while we’re traveling. I must say, it’s very weird sleeping in Walmart. I’m at home in my warm cozy bed. I wake up and look out my window and lo and behold, I live right next door to a Walmart! It’s not the most restful sleep. The parking lot is bright and noisy with all the traffic. Tonight I walked out my door and walked right into a Walmart supercenter to pick up some organic apples Wisconsin cheese curds and some other items for our meals tomorrow. Weird but sortof fun.

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