Wisconsin I-94W

by andrew

B . I o balls if orien . Us dr is X is Drive xrng .th roogh Wisconsin trying to write witln left fingers nails on pocket pc. Letter lreccogn.izer.while focus on drive …:

Had to mentioned this mfolrnings adventure breakfast while we waiting for camping world’s repair on trailer still having to replaced converter myself as .they don’t have thenn in sto.re. .The converter is what’s cavsing external GFI to trip even tho its putting out right voltage + amps. Prol..y losing volts on some tiny internal short …
So anyway about breakfast because that’s what this is really about ..: Pine Cone Restaurant in De Forest , WI jvst off of I-94 & 51… Oh mamma ! Imagine a giant cinnamon roll sliced horizontally from the bottom up and then cooked like french toast with butter & syrup drizzled on top! Oh yeah thats wh.at I .had.

Lovinj Wisconsin I-94 : 60 mph @ 700 pyro / 1800 rpm most of the way..:
Jvst .passed mile 106 on 94W. 4:30pm 5/13/09 – 120 miles to St. Paul.

2 Responses to “Wisconsin I-94W”

  • Elizabeth Says:

    Okay, if you’re going to try this technique again, I must insist you practice a bit more first.

    And that cinnamon roll breakfast thing sounds oh so good.

  • dad Says:

    haddddddd 1 of em 2 cin tipe thins b4 2, think try to member on wht menu…yummeen gud.

    luf, dadd

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