Day 81: An 8-year Circle

by andrew

How many of you can say that you had the chance later on in life to meet the doctor who delivered you when you were born? Maybe there are more of you than I’d guess, but I certainly can’t. Well, today in a cool turn of events it worked out for Bennah (who just turned 8 a week ago) to meet the doctor that delivered him.

We got a good start departing Winnipeg this morning and got into Minot, ND with plenty of time to swing by the hospital where Bennah was born. We were just going to show the kids the building, but on a whim, I thought – what if Dr. A. F. is still working there? So, I went inside, picked up the phone labeled “Information” and asked the nice lady at the other end. Sure enough! And she forwarded me to OB to check on his availability. So, after 8 years and 4 more children, we got a chance to say hi to the kind gentlemen who helped us with our firstborn. Crazy. And of course, he remembered us too… well, our situation was rather unique afterall – Renee on bed rest for 5 months of the pregnancy, and our request for an 8th-day circumcision, and several other unique things about our story, but I’ll leave it at that.

Then, we went past our old apartment (the second floor of an old house and probably the most favorite place we ever lived… tied with the last house in Alexandria, VA maybe… of course, current “home” notwithstanding, which doesn’t count because it’s way too awesome to even be compared)… anyway, it’s still there and it looks exactly like it did the day we left. Same colors – everything. After 8 years.

Of course, the Wal-Mart in town has moved and been upgraded to a Super Center; picked up some necessary road supplies… but the Sammy’s is still here and pretty much all our original favorite places are intact. Both thrift stores. The coffee shop / used book store. The photolab Renee worked at for a while. Etc. Talk about memory lane. It was so much fun to share this all with our kids, even though they probably just wanted to get out and run around and squirt each other with the new water guns from Wal-Mart…

And as for Bennah – I’m sure he just wanted to try out his new bike seat. He just learned how to ride a bike. On literally his second try. And some friends blessed us with an awesome bike for him (they had extras) but it needed a new seat. Up until today he’s been riding it around the campground with a shoe over the post to act as a seat. After he took a few spins around the Roughrider Campground where we’re parked now in Minot, he said he actually likes the shoe better. But he never actually sat on it I don’t think. His bony bum isn’t very comfortable on the new seat that he can actually sit on… but he’ll get used to it.

Long day of driving tomorrow and I should have been in bed a while ago. But this had to get captured. It was another great day.

3 Responses to “Day 81: An 8-year Circle”

  • Shawn Wiggins Says:

    Has it been 8 years? My affections for you guys today are even greater today then back then, if that is possible. I am in amazement of you wonderful children – my heart yearns to have more but my mind and our biology is not letting it happen. Whatever the plans we are not stopping them, we will let happen what is supposed to.

    Again, 8 years, I partially miss those days and yet, don’t. I was so directionless, and unstable – also so young and unlearned. I love you all, have a great journey, I am going to pray this part out loud – “May YHWH give you all eyes of wonder, hearts of grace, minds of wisdom, spirits of strength, and a will to not only follow, but to say, take the coal cleanse my lips – here I am to do your work! Amen!”

    Lets see while meditating on that, what adventure our Father brings us today!

  • lifefullj Says:

    I realize this is A/R’s blog but here I am responding to Shawn 🙂 I think that’s a great prayer for all of us! Thanks for putting that out there.

  • Esther Haverluck Says:

    Totally dito to Shawn’s prayer. I was wondering if you would take the kids to your old place. That is such a blessing to have met the doctor. I bet he was surprised Renee was not on bedrest for the rest. It must have been very touching to go back there. Love to all.

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