The (new) Movie Page

by andrew

So, let the movie parties begin! I have finally come out of the video editing, rendering, and uploading mire bruised and scarred but victorious. After no less than 3 attempts on each, uploads and deletes, codec woes, and other sundry technology battles – Episodes 1-3 of Journeys (the quasi-documentary) are LIVE!

The best way to watch them is on the new page I created just for this purpose. I’m playing with a very sweet new tool by Apture, and I think you will find the viewing experience quite fun! – Go to The Movie (up in the top menu) to watch all the Journeys episodes. I will also update that page as I add episodes in the future.

Or, you can also watch them on my YouTube channel.

I’ve also updated The Map with the last legs of our travels.

We are getting ready to leave Georgia in a few short days and work our way back up to Pennsylvania for spring. We’re hoping to swing through Hampton Roads (VA) and Washington, DC along the way and drop in on some friends in our old stompin’ grounds.

2 Responses to “The (new) Movie Page”

  • Esther Haverluck Says:

    Would you tell Zach I am very thrilled with the song he sang to Joy in first movie.
    Safe driving and Father’s wisdom and energy.

  • Dad Says:

    Ah the joys of LIFE set to motion. Great shots and additions as living records of your journeys together. Have been keeping up a bit on Facebook of the Hampton roads return.

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