(un) Set-backs (Pun intended)

by andrew

Well, I’ve managed to do something to my back. I probably would never even mention it either except perhaps that it’s part of the story. An interesting part for sure, because it’s amazing how quickly everything we take for granted can come into stark relief against something that challenges it all. So, the normal and routine have become epic and painfully slow. Walking, sitting, lying down, standing up… bending over, wait no that’s actually impossible right now along with other things that I could do a few days ago. I can’t even do a single sit-up for crying outloud and I tried to run a little tonight, but that was totally not happening.

So far it hasn’t stopped me from tending to most of the normal chores, but they take way longer and I can’t help but wonder if I’m only aggravating the condition with my stubbornness. I guess a chiropractor is getting added to my itinerary for the week. Too bad my buddy Will isn’t around. Arg.

You know, the really annoying thing too is that it wasn’t some heroic injury saving a baby from a burning building or anything either. I’ve had a weak spot in my lower back for a few years after wiping out while performing a ridiculous stunt for my kids that involved a hill full of snow and a body board in Pennsylvania. And it flares up from time to time, but never incapacitating like this. I guess all the winter fun – like shoveling a 300 foot path for my family in a foot depth of snow (before we had the 4×4 shovel out 😉 ) and digging out snow forts with the kids really did a number on it. One of those things that doesn’t bite until the next day, but wow it bit hard. I guess I wasn’t practicing proper form. Arg.

Well, I’m sure there is a purpose and perhaps my Creator is just trying to get my attention about something. Well, I’m close to all ears, and trying to get there, and wondering what implications this is going to stir up that haven’t occurred to me yet. I really don’t have the time or energy for this, but I guess I have no choice but to slow down and recover. After all I have a house to build.

Finally finished another episode of Journeys…. yay – I’m almost only a year behind now. Arg.

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  • Esther Haverluck Says:

    Oh, so sorry to hear that, but you’re right, everything is for a specific purpose and time period so I pray Father unfolds the plan. In the meantime use that red roller every day and get Leon to do your feet. Auntie Sharon might know of good chiropractor in Dauphin.
    Sending lots of love and healing your way.
    Love, mom

  • unkle d Says:

    not sure if you knew that i have had chronic back problems since 5th grade. a friend pulled a chair out from under me and permanently jarred my spine. got to the point about 10 years ago that they considered surgery. when i learned about specific yoga-ish (for lack of a label) stretches for my back i have not had the need to go back to the chiropractor. at one point i was going 3 times a week. i stretch my back before bed and in the morning. also REST!!! let your body recover. i know easier said than done but 2-3 days of warm tea, stretching, and NO work! love you. we will be lifting you up to Father. take care of yourself.

  • dad Says:

    dear andrew,

    ah yes, what we all take for granted as ‘normal’ belies how fragile we are and life itself! mommy badly twisted her ankle last sunday, the day she needed most to get ready for the movers the next day…color her gone for anticipated work…I got the flu at the same time, so called off work to take care of mommy and myself…all of life is based on the assumptions of what we think we will be doing and capable of doing…how quickly that can change…so you have now reached the point where to continue the adventure, there is introduced a necessary mind set of conservatism, in that certain physical assets must become managed for the long term (mommy was in a hurry and took a short cut of turning not turning on a light and missed the last step going down to the basement and I just plain depleted all my physical reserves for what we have had to do here)…so the message is the same for us as well…handle with care the limited assets we have in these very fragile physical containers…! PS mommy is still really hobbling, I am finally beginning to feel better today, and the movers are here who we called to delay by three days after mommy’s accident…

  • Liz Says:

    My big brother is invincible, remember? Hope you feel better soon!!

  • andrew Says:

    thanks bro D! I remember you having back issues, but never realized the extent. The stretches have been helping for sure – it’s just going way slower than I want, but I know that permanent recovery is not only a process but a lifestyle change as well. For as long as I’ve known the importance of routine stretching and other exercises I’ve been a dolt for stying “too busy” to include them in my routine. totally appreciate the links you sent in FB. been using those to great affect. almost no choice but to take it easy, but your reminder is a warm encouragement to let the healing process happen as unimpeded as much as possible. love you too! thanks for the prayers. miss you guys so much – squeeze everyone for me.

  • andrew Says:

    Thanks, mom H. YHWH’s providing resources to hopefully avoid the chiropractor option. So, we’ll see how it all plays out. Leon has a good one in Dauphin too and they know of another one that their friend really likes. But hopefully I can take it easy, get into a good rehabilitative routine and stick with it for prevention even after I’m all better (and save the money in the process). Love, -a

  • andrew Says:

    Dear dad: yikes! so true what you’re saying. It’s amazing how much we rely on our bodies without realizing it and yet so easy (for me at least) not to take as good care of it is I should…. like driving a car without doing any of the scheduled maintenance. Sometimes it takes a trip to the mechanic to be reminded about all the things we should be doing. So sorry to hear about mom’s ankle – ouch! And your bout with the flu. Rough…. glad you’re on the mend and praying for quick and complete recovery. I know I’m going to try to stick with a better preventative regime as I pull out of this. So frustrating to be out of commission. But your reminders are really wise – we’ve only got one of these bodies and a lot yet for them to get us through finishing our course. Sounds like the worst has past, but if mom can stand it – remember the ankle treatments I used to do during my basketball days when I had to get back on my feet fast: super hot (as hot as can bare) for 3 minutes then super ice cold water for three minutes back and forth…. shock treatment heh heh heh…. but it works fast. And a few times a day. Not fun, but accelerates the healing. Probably past the phase where that would do the most good, but still maybe an option. Love you!

  • andrew Says:

    hey, sis. i was quite invincible actually 🙂 but then i got a bit lazy and some of my invincibility wore off. i’ll get it back though hee hee. Thanks! love and miss you guys!

  • dad Says:

    dear andrew,

    no, I forgot about that 3 minute mega therapy treatment…I just relayed it to mommy who was just finishing up tonight’s hot water soak before bed and her response was…”no thank you”…

    tonight the house is empty except for our bedroom and computer room…try to imagine what that looks like as you rest your back!

    love dad

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